adidas running

client: Adidas Running
role: Designer
year: 2019
agency: Havas/Annex88

Art Direction
Motion Design

project info:

We developed a social media campaign to develop HYPE around the new Ultra Boost 2020 where we drew inspiration from the Cold War Space Race, Adidas will partner with the best space experimentation platform, The International Space Station, to test the boost to the max. Tests we can't even perform on earth.

We were responsible in building HYPE around the space launch of the Ultra Boost 2020 through social media. We developed an instagram story where it imitates the Space launch in three stages: identify the unidentified object in space, reveal product, and scan product to unlock a marketing video of the Ultra Boost 2020.

After the initial social media launch we maintained HYPE by launching giphy stickers to keep users interacted.

Creative Director - Danny Mota
Senior Art Director - Chloe Karayiannis
Visual Designer / Motion - Elvis Dinh
Junior Visual Designer - Bente Arensten