client: Accenture x Global Citizens
role: Lead Brand Designer
year: 2021


Brand Design System
Experiential Design

project info:

Nature Connected expresses the belief in the limitless power of a positive connection between nature, human ingenuity and technology for a sustainable future.This immersive experience connects Global Citizens to an interactive world of naturally powered light, music and sound within each space.

Created by renowned ecology artist Mileece (Biophilica Studio) for Accenture to celebrate our multidimensional approach to sustainability, including our newest initiative: nature-based carbon removal.


Experiential Designer - Mileece & 10xBeta
Design Director- Fabian Grateroles
Lead Brand Designer - Elvis Dinh
Sr Brand Designer - Rachel Hess
Creative Director - Luke Chard
Sr Art Director - Chris Perrone
Copywriter - Farley Katz