verizon - a.i.
Verizon is utilizing their artificial intelligence software, Neura, and Wi-Fi signals to help build an "Intelligent Home." The Intelligent Home app uses Wi-Fi signals to detect motions and non-motion events throughout the home with third party smart home appliances (Wemo Smart Plug and Asus Lyra Mini Smart Hub). Neura then learns your motion history and provide smart suggestions to improve their lives.
We were responsible for building a dashboard experience and onboarding experience that summarizes motion detected and non-motion events, provides an intelligence report for smart suggestions, and a live motion tracker for Android phones in 3 months.
Associate UX Director - Hiye Shin
Associate Design Director - Thomas Loizeau
Tech Director - Shawn Mullings
Senior Developer - Sergio Baptista
UX Designer - Justin Lee
Visual Designer - Elvis Dinh
Copywriter - Aishah Griffin
loading screen:
When creating the Intelligent Home experience, we have designed a unique design system.
instructional visuals:
During the onboarding and set up experience, users are introduced to instructional animations.
symbolic visuals:
Throughout the experience, the design system is branded with vibrating circles that represents communications.
sensitivity drawer:
The user is able to adjust their WiFi motion detection sensitivity on their smart appliances.
scheduler drawer:
The user is able to set up weekly motion detection schedules and the A.I. will eventually learn your patterns and suggest the best times.
live motion view:
The user is able to follow their live motion feed which refreshes every 2 seconds.