STADIUM GOODS is an international sneaker marketplace where consumers buy limited sneakers by Nike, Adidas, and other brands.

The animation thought process is inspired by the motion of running. The focal elements in the social campaigns bounce like the absorption and release of the runners energy.
Animation / Design
Associate Creative Director - J. Cruz
Copywriter - Alvin Dharmawan
The sneaker resale market has based their value off of legacy and history. Michael Jordan has position his Jordan resale value as iconic moments of his career.
The social campaigns intention is to position the Air Max legacy as the reasoning for their resale market values. Just like the Jordan's, the value is based on the history of their technological shoe advancements. The post are focused on the most popular and sold Air Maxes (01, 90, 95, 97).
Bonus Campaign:
To bring digital assets to something tangible, the campaign would be pushed and promoted into a limited edition hardback book that is included in every Air Max Day purchase.

In addition to the book, the purchase would include special edition dust bags, shoe box, and tote bag that comes all in the packaging experience.